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Baahubali (2015) Movie Review

There are very few Indian filmmakers out there who can take a relatively huge budget and make something as epic and astounding as BAAHUBALI and Rajamouli accomplishes it with great aplomb.

The Battle scenes are appropriately epic and the effects, although not flawless, are perhaps the best use of visual effects that any Indian film has ever incorporated.


Certain directors could definitely learn a thing or two from Rajamouli as the latter doesn’t unnecessarily use CGI and instead opts to use it to enhance the experience rather than wasting it on horrible song sequences (*cough * Ai *cough*)

The performances are top notch (apart from tammanah, which I’ll get to later) with Remya Krishnan, Nasser and Satyaraj being the best that they’ve ever been. Prabhas and Rana Dagubbati are appropriate as the protagonist and antagonist respectively.

Baahubali HD Wallpaper.jpg

The battle sequences have been realized beautifully and with painstakingly realized detail that it’s sometimes just a sight to behold which by the way is also a compliment to the cinematography and set design. I won’t be surprised if Sabu Cyril wins the national award for the latter once again.

The songs are serviceable but its the background score that’s the real star in terms of the music and can make the overall experience even more immersive.

The only thing that I didn’t like in this film was perhaps the forced romance between prabhas and Tammana which felt really artificial and not to mention, even at times, borderline sexist. Tammana’s character in general, doesn’t have much else to do than stand around and look pretty or angry, depending on the circumstances. I also didn’t care much for the obligatory item song in between as well and felt it actually detracted from the overall pacing.

But all minor nitpicks and flaws aside, BAAHUBALI is a definite achievement for Indian filmmaking and S.S Rajamouli is the rightful auteur of big budget entertainment in India.

Rating: 7.9/10

Money Moment: The final battle.



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