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Random Reviews of an Acute Cinephile : IRON MAN THREE

I honestly thought that I would be the first guy to review this film (what, with it being Iron Man and all) but sadly, due to lack of access to what your grandparents call “the inter-web” at my hostel, I wasn’t. Anyway, like Fred Flintstone always says, it’s better late than never. So, let us begin.

There’s a reason why my favorite superhero is Tony Stark/Iron Man. In this world where dark and gritty seem to be the way comic-book films go, I’ve always seen tony stark as much more of an optimistic and inspirational character. In his own words, a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, Tony Stark shows a middle finger to all those other superheroes hiding behind their masks and secret identities.

Iron Man 3 did nothing but strengthen my love of the character and whatever I’ve ever liked about him. When we last saw tony stark, he had just been in close contact with certain death in THE AVENGERS (hell, he flew a missile through a wormhole in outer space. Oops…spoiler alert! But I guess if you haven’t seen the avengers yet, you deserve the spoiler! )  and in IM3, we find those experiences affecting him in a way he (or for that matter, the audience) never would have expected. We see him getting anxiety attacks whenever he is reminded of the events in New York or for that matter, if anyone even mentions New York in passing.

There is a particular scene in the movie where we see the anxiety attack taking its toll on tony stark and it is in such scenes that we see the acting genius that is Robert Downey Jr. Now, that’s all I’m going to say about the premise because I don’t want to be one of those reviewers who give away the entire film in their review itself.

But I will say this; Iron Man 3 does some interesting things with the villain that many comic-book fans are going to hate. I, myself being a huge iron man comic-book fan was shocked (to say the least) but when I thought about it, the way everything was handled was pretty clever in my opinion. (If I’m being really ambiguous here, this will all make more sense once you’ve seen the film). But, having said that, I guess people who’ve never picked up an iron man comic would probably be unperturbed by the whole thing.What really saddens me these days, though is the fact that quite a few people that I know immediately start comparing this (and any other superhero film for that matter) film with batman, in fact such a fad has gotten so monotonous and frustrating that I’ve decided that I’m going to address it. Batman is a great character and I liked batman begins, loved the dark knight and completely hated the dark knight rises but the fact remains that “dark” works for a character like batman.

Now, do you honestly want to see tony stark moping around in the dark or superman being dull and dreary as opposed to optimistic and inspirational? So next time you go and see a film, acknowledge it for what it is and stop comparing it with something that deserves to be in a different genre entirely.

The actors do a tremendous job in this film. Robert Downey Jr.  (Like I mentioned earlier) is perhaps the best of them all. If in the future, if MARVEL decides to replace him with some other actor, I can only pray that the gods are with the replacement actor for (and I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again) RDJ is to Tony Stark what Sean Connery was (and is) to James Bond. Gwyneth Paltrow does an awesome job of portraying Pepper Potts by enthusing her this time around with much needed character depth and necessary amounts of badassery. There’s also a kid in this film and I’m not going to spoil anything but he is just amazing and manages to hold his own even in scenes with RDJ.

There is perhaps more humor in this film than in any of the other MARVEL films (including avengers) and the action sequences are something to behold, especially in the big screen. The climax is nothing short of epic (52 IRON MAN SUITS, BABY!!!) and it just made me wonder how awesome The Avengers 2 would be.

Perhaps, the best thing about this film is that it does feel like the end to a trilogy. In fact, the last few scenes of this film gave me Goosebumps and as somebody who loves the character passionately and as somebody whose favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr, I even let a few tears loose.


Funny, Exciting and Wildly Entertaining and featuring arguably one of RDJ's best performances till date, IRON MAN THREE is simply put, awesome.
Funny, Exciting, Wildly Entertaining and featuring arguably one of RDJ’s best performances till date, IRON MAN THREE is simply put, awesome.

All in all, I don’t think that I would be wrong in saying that Iron Man 3 ( stylized onscreen as IRON MAN THREE) is perhaps my favorite MARVEL film after The Avengers ( which I guess can only be beaten by The Avengers 2).

Just in case this IS RDJ’s last outing as shellhead, I would like to thank him for giving us a character that is perhaps one of the coolest superheroes personified onscreen since Christopher Reeve took to the skies in and as Superman (1978).

Tony Stark/ Iron Man is definitely one for the ages. WOOHOO!!

MONEY MOMENT: Malibu mansion attack,  Air-Force-One Rescue,  The Iron Army, Tony Stark solving crimes the way batman should have done,  Initial suit-up and The Kid.

RATING : 9.5/10  ( AWESOME)


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