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Random Reviews of an Acute Cinephile : My Favorite movies of 2012

The Acute Cinephile Says :

“This is the first article that i’ve ever written, i first published it on facebook and i’ve reproduced it here word for word inclusive of all the errors ”

I was just thinking, it’s been a really long time since I’ve produced anything worth mentioning about. As I lay upon my bed pondering what my next  piece of writing would be about, it just struck. Why don’t I just write about the very thing that I’m really passionate about? Films. I mean, I realized that whenever I made an acquaintance, the first thing that they would learn from my character was the fact that I’m a huge (which by the way, is an understatement) fan of films. Also, if I’m gonna write about films; why not just make a list of the best films of the past year. So that’s how I got the very “original idea “of making a review list of my favorite films of 2012.

So, here goes

Note: oh, and by the way, this list is just my opinion and only, my opinion. If any of you reading this loved any movie other than the ones mentioned on this list, chances are that I either didn’t watch the movie or I didn’t like the movie very much or I loved it but I couldn’t put it in my top 10. The reason I’m posting this disclaimer is that, I know for a fact that many of my friends out there are going to find this list quite controversial. But hey, to each, his own. Right?

So I’ve made a list of my top ten films of this year, and I’m going to start from no 10.



Now, if it weren’t for another awesome comedy movie (which will be revealed later) I’d give the dictator a higher position on this list. But whatever, this movie was hilarious. In this flick sacha baron cohen (borat) plays an incompetent dictator named aladeen (no, not the cartoon) of a country called wadiya. (Remind you of another similar sounding country with a screwed up ruler?) . Now, through a series of hilarious circumstances, aladeen finds himself stranded in New York and the film picks up from there. Sacha baron cohen as aladeen was just a treat to watch and ben kingsley does a decent antagonist portrayal. True, there were some parts which felt a bit forced and overall the film doesn’t quite match up to baron Cohen’s earlier works, but I’m not complaining because I laughed my ass off for this film….aladeen m*********er!!!

MONEY MOMENT: The Helicopter Tour with an American family….Aladeen’s porsche 911 😉




Nope, I haven’t read any of the books, and maybe the books are better than the film, but hey, isn’t that true for most book to movie adaptations? (Harry potter or narnia, anyone?) But like the harry potter series or Narnia for that matter, this movie does a really good job of keeping the audiences invested. The premise is basically a last man standing kind of event, but with teenagers. Ok, it sounds corny, but trusts me, this movie was anything but. I truly became a fan of Jennifer Lawrence after watching this film (for those of you who don’t know, she’s the chick who played mystique in x-men: first class) BRING ON THE SEQUEL!!

MONEY MOMENT: It involves Katniss blowing a lot of shit up using a single arrow.


#8 TED

Remember the “other” comedy movie I mentioned in my review of THE DICTATOR ? Yeah, well it’s this one. I loved ted because, well… how to put it, remember the toy story saga? ( THAT is called a saga, not f***in twilight) . Amazing trilogy about toys coming to life? Yea well, imagine instead of all the toys in toy story, there was just one teddy bear and imagine that teddy bear smoking bong, swearing like a sailor and doing pretty much everything Charlie sheen has ever done. Add to that, the teddy bear’s got the voice of the guy who voiced peter griffin from family guy and top that off with the fact that he directed this film too. You’ve got ted. Need I say more?

MONEY MOMENT: Ted “wooing” the cashier girl




Normally, I’m not a huge fan of biopics. Mainly because, they tend to be huge snooze fests and truth be told, as much as I love the historical figure called Abe Lincoln, I thought this would be Steven Spielberg’s worst film since war of the worlds ( yes, I liked Indy 4) but fortunately, I was mistaken. But, be warned, there will still be many who will find this film really long and tedious. Make no mistake, this film does not have a guy in a fedora waving a bullwhip over his head, nor does it have aliens, robots, sharks or genetically modified dinosaurs. What it does have is a very human story about the struggle of a great man to abolish slavery of African-Americans in his homeland. This film is one of those movies, that the moment you see the quality of the direction and the acting, you would be sure that this is going to win a lot of awards. A special mention to Daniel-day Lewis who played Abraham Lincoln for his portrayal, his acting was just mesmerizing and if anything, he deserves the best actor Oscar IMO.

MONEY MOMENT: The beginning, just epic….




What surprised me about this film was the fact that not many people I knew seemed to like this bond flick, although it is currently being hailed in the world over as one of the best bond flicks ever made and that is my opinion also. I mean, what was there no to like? Was it the fact that bond was finally facing a grotesque villain who actually posed a challenge, or was it the fact that Q was finally portrayed amazingly and realistically in this film, or maybe, it was all those nostalgic references to the classic bond films. Either way, this film kicked ass and I really want to see more bond flicks with Daniel Craig in them.

MONEY MOMENT: The classic Aston martin db5 driving sequence with the old James bond theme playing in the background, perfect J



Like skyfall, the most surprising thing about this film was how not many people seemed to like it. I mean, it is a true fact that they didn’t have to reboot the character so early after the original trilogy (which ended with the abysmal spider-man 3) but I seriously do not think that it should be an excuse for undervaluing one of the best superhero origin movies I’ve seen since iron man or batman begins. Andrew Garfield was the exact replica of the peter parker that I’ve had in my head since I started reading the comics. Not some teary eyed wuss who cried, like every 5 minutes but somebody who anybody can actually relate to. And even though the story is pretty much the same as the first spider-man movie, this movie did the character justice by staying close to the source material.i agree with the fact that they could have spent a little more time developing the lizard, though. Can’t wait for the sequel.

MONEY MOMENT: Peter Parker revealing his secret to Gwen Stacy.



Joseph-Gordon Levitt playing Bruce Willis. That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is pure genius. Add to that, time-travel and telekinesis. You’ve got either a recipe for disaster or a masterpiece in your hands. Fortunately, for us viewers; looper is more of the latter. Now, I’m not even going to bother giving a premise for this film because it’s like giving a premise for inception (story about people planting idea I a guy’s dream). It just won’t do justice to the film. My opinion? Watch Looper…it is just brilliant and I guarantee, after watching this film, Joseph-Gordon Levitt will hands down, become one of your favourite actors of all time. I’m saying it right now; looper will become a cult classic. Mark my words.

MONEY MOMENT:  Old joe and future joe verbal banter in the café.



My bet is that, you haven’t even heard of this movie, let alone see it. I don’t blame you, the only reason I watched it was because of Liam neeson and I honestly say that was one of the best decisions made by me in 2012. The grey is simply put, a brilliant piece of filmmaking which at least deserves a nomination, if not a win. The premise is simple, ra’s-al-ghu…I mean…liam neeson plays a sniper who protects scientists in Alaska from wolves. On their way back home, their plane crashes in the middle of the white Alaskan snow right in the middle of the wolves. This movie had some genuinely thrilling moments and extremely well-written dialogue with an equally riveting. If you haven’t seen this film….well….what are you waiting for? A written invitation?

MONEY MOMENT: The Last Scene.


There was only one word that I had to describe this film after watching it: spellbinding. The story of a boy and a tiger stranded in the open sea in one boat, life of pi is the cinematic representation of ambiguity and more-than-meets-the-eye. The visual are like watching a painting in motion and unlike other movies where the animals are CGI, in Life of Pi, the tiger (named Richard Parker, which creates a sense of personality for the beast) actually FEELS real. The twist at the end is at the same time, both shocking and poetic that you would have to have a heart of stone not to feel some kind of emotion. Newcomer Suraj Sharma plays the eponymous character decently enough but as people who have seen this film will realize, Richard Parker (the tiger, not peter parker’s dad who kicked the bucket) is the true soul of the film. Ang lee’s true masterpiece.

MONEY MOMENT: Richard Parker, The Whale, The Flying Fish.



Ok, so this was a bit predictable to say the least. People who know me would have guessed this from the title of my note itself. But the fact is, I truly really loved The Avengers. It was the culmination of all my childhood dreams culminated wonderfully on the big screen by joss whedon .I couldn’t help but watch this film from beginning to end with a sense of elation in my heart. I mean the very fact that I saw captain America telling hulk to “SMASH” or iron man’s mid-air suit up or Hawkeye’s “shooting without looking”or the avengers having a verbal fight in the same room, i was ready to jump up and down on my seat with sheer ecstasy flowing in my head. ASSEMBLE!!

MONEY MOMENT : Every Friggin’ Scene, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby would be proud.


Honorable mentions to DREDD 3D, ARTHUR CHRISTMAS and FLIGHT.

now, I know that if you had the patience to sit through my list, you must be wondering whether I forgot about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES…well actually, I haven’t.see, this is the list of MY favourite movies of this year and well, the dark knight rises just didn’t make the cut for me. I mean, every movie has loopholes, but so many scenes in tdkr never made any sense to me that the more I begin to think about it, I realized I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved batman begins and the dark knight. I know there are going to be loads of people who are gonna hate me on this but guys, please…these are just my opinions and you can disregard them if you so wish J

until next time,

The Acute Cinephile.


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